Saturday, 17 April 2010

Vogue's First Monthly Competition

It's been a VERY long time since i last posted but to be honest i haven't really done much Agility.... Angel is now retired and Jazz is still training (we'll get there in the end) lol!

Vogue turned 18 months old on Wednesday : ) all grown up (NOT) !! She is such a little rascal!

Her training has been going well... Although she has had confidence problems with the dog walk since she fell off at a training weekend with Natasha Wise. But thankfuly she went back on it for the first time Wednesday night : ).

Today Vogue competed in her first monthly competition... We got E'd but i was very pleased with her run (especially her weaves). It was my fault not being able to keep up with her and overall bad handling really (I need to get fit)!!

Here is the Video...

Friday, 30 October 2009

Vogue has been found!

Vogue was found this morning in a estate in St Brelades, she is safe and well and is now back home! I am so pleased to have her back, she's now fast asleep on the sofa...

I must say a HUGE thank you to Lynn, Di, Chris, Carla, Sue and lorainne for helping look for her last night. And thank you for all your txts and messages :)

Thursday, 29 October 2009


I am worried sick!!

Vogue went missing today on the Sandunes, i was walking with the other dogs and she just dissapeard. This is not like Vogue at all! She has never ran off before, and she never goes to far ahead.

Me and a few friends have been searching for her, but no luck. It has been put on the local radio station and on jerseyinsight.

Vogue means the world to me, just like the other 2 dogs do. After all there part of the family, i'm trying to think positive but it's easier said then done!

I'm hoping to hear sometihng tomorrow, i will be back on the sandunes tomorrow to look for her and around the area.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Vogue

It only seems like yesterday that Vogue was a tiny pup! Already a year has gone past, and today she turned 1 =]. The 10months that i've had her seem to of flown by...

Vogue is such a cracking little dog, even if she can get a little OTT sometimes x]
We still can't seem to watch dogs run in Agility without 'WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF', i guess it shows she's keen? lol. But if anyone has any suggestions of how to try and keep her quiet that would be very helpful :) - I've tried toys and treats (No good)!
Of course now she is 1 she can start Agility training =D Yippeee! Finaly... Now she can join in on the training!!

Birthday shots... (Thanks to Eleanor for taking these)

Monday, 14 September 2009

Angel 7th and Vogue's paw (11 months old today)

Well MAJOR catch up time...

On the 27th August Angel turned 7 years old, bless her she is growing really grey now. Although she has been grey for a good few years now! We haven't done any competitions for a while now, but will more then likely enter the next show :)

Now onto the 'Wild Child' as i've nicknamed her lol! The title says it all... She is a crazy little collie (Who is still 17") Looking as though she will stay this size.

She's not such a happy little girl today =/ She was on a walk and somehow managed to rip her nail off :(. She wasn't limping or showing any signs off pain, it was only when i saw blood that i realised somethings happened. Her paw was covered in blood, all i could see was a red paw! At first i thought she ripped her pad but then when i looked closely i saw she had actually ripped her nail off. So i took her straight down the vets and they took her in and put her under anaesthetic. I picked her up at 6, she's now back home and fast asleep (for once)!

Here are a few photo's of Angel and Of Vogue with her little bandaged paw...

Monday, 6 July 2009

Beach and Vogue update

I haven't updated the blog in ages!! What a bad blogger i am...

There hasn't been much to post though to be honest because i've been really busy at College with my exams, which are now all over (Thankfully).

Me and Angel are doing the GSD show this Saturday which i'm looking foward to, it's been a while since we last done Agility! The last show we done was the Agility Festival at the beginning of May.

I Must mention how i can't wait to be able to start Vogue's training... Only 10 weeks to go! I hope those 10 weeks hurry up!! I think she is going to be very keen, she won't shut up while watching it haha! I'm not sure if she is going to be a Medium, she is 9 and a half months old tomorrow. I roughly measured her and she is just under 17" so it looks like she might be a Medium!!!

Yesterday evening i took the dogs down the beach and decided i would take some photo's to update the blog with.

Here they are...

Friday, 15 May 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Jazz !!

Jazz is 2 today :)... I always think she is much older then her age though because she's so quiet and well behaved (most of the time lol).

But you know how the saying goes 'The terrible two's'... But to be honest Jazz is a little Angel to have around, you could easily forget she's in the house. Unlike a certain other collie i know going by the name of VOGUE haha, you deffiantly can't forget shes around !!

Jazz has a had a successful year in Obedience this year :) and im going to continue her obedience training... And im hoping to start training her back in Agility soon.

Happy Birthday Jazz